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Artist: Danielle Egnew / Song: Play Some Merle / Album: Single / Golosio Publishing,
Ave Vox Publishing / Directed by: Danielle Egnew, Roy Pack / Written by: Danielle
Egnew, John Scott G, Philip Hatten (c) 2012 ASCAP / BMI
Artist - Danielle Egnew; Song- "Drive and Drive"; Album - Red Lodge; Label - Maurice The Fish Records; Director - Danielle Egnew; Produced by Ave Vox Entertainment; Copyright (c) 2009 Ave Vox Publishing / ASCAP

Artist: Danielle Egnew / Song: Swinging At Nothing / Album: Red Lodge /
Label: Maurice The Fish Records / Director: Paul Mehlhaff

(c) 2007 Ave Vox Publishing / ASCAP

Artist: Backseat Bordello / Song: "Rise Up" / Album: "End Times Diner" / Label: Maurice The Fish Records / Publisher: (c) 2010 Ave Vox Publishing - ASCAP (Kristen Coyner - Lead Vocals)

Artist: Pope Jane ; Song - "Special Agent Dana Scully" (Scully's a Lesbian) ;Album - Tin Star Revival ; Label - Ave Vox Music Group ; Producer - Danielle Egnew. Danielle Egnew, Kristen Coyner, Holly Shawver.

THE X-FILES is the property of Twentieth Century Fox. All rights reserved. This video has not been
prepared, approved, endorsed or licensed by any entity that created or produced THE X-FILES.


© 2006-12 Ave Vox Entertainment™ / Danielle Egnew / All Rights Reserved.