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Hi guys -- Danielle here!
ctivism isn't a dirty word. It's synonymous with "Change".

If you'd like to see change in your community, then you need to be part of it. America wasn't founded by special interest groups and lobbyists. It was founded by everyday men and women just like you who had a vision for a better place, and who were not afraid to speak out in the name of that better vision. Courage is what happens when the neccesity to do the right thing outweighs the fear of doing the right thing. If you're an individual or organization who is currently working on pursuing the Civil Rights issue known as marriage rights, or Gay Marriage, then please feel free to download and use my free endorsement materials below. All I ask is that you let my webmaster know you're using the materials for your campaign / outreach program, so that we can link back to you! Remember, in spite of what occurred in the 2000 election, every vote counts, especially now that we count every vote! Don't be part of history repeating itself. Be part of making history. Vote. Be Heard. Be Counted.

-- Danielle :)

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Gay Marriage 11 x 17 inch poster - 7.9M- 300dpi jpeg
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Gay Marriage 5 x 8 hand flier - 2.9M - 300dpi jpeg
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Gay Marriage :30 Radio PSA - mp3
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