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Game Sound Design - "Keno King"
Fleetwood Gaming

I designed over 600 sounds for 24 casino style keno and poker games. I also designed the game sound logic, and the stereo hardware placement in the free standing cabinet (complete with subwoofer!) Currently, Keno King outplays it's competitors 2 to 1 on casino floors, thanks to superior game play, graphics, and of course, sounds!


Film / TV / Radio

I have been the sound designer and feature voice over talent and for a number of film, radio, and TV programs produced by:

• Clear Pictures
• Fisher Communications

• The Adventure TV Network
• Gorilla Film and Video
• Sheena Metal Productions
• Ave Vox Entertainment Group

Sound Design Overview:

Sound Design is one of my all-time favorite things to do! Sound is very much like clay -- you can do anything you want with it. You can read more about my take on sound from a music Producer's perspective in my Music Connection feature article interview.

Sound Design is similiar to Music Production, but rather than writing, arranging and mixing music tracks, Sound Design is all about creating perceived sounds. We think something should sound a certain way, but it usually doesn't in real life, so it's up to the Sound Designer to create and record the desired perceived sound effect.

When you watch a movie, the sound canvass can make or break a scene. How many times have you squirmed in your seat when the sound of a knife cutting flesh hits your ears?

Well, not to bust the myth, but that sound wasn't created by a knife actually cutting flesh. The sound effect is a process called Foley, named after a guy, "Foley", who spearheaded the art of creating a "perceived sound".

In other words, what you're seeing as a knife cutting flesh, is actually the sound of somone squeezing peeled, whole oranges, while stabbing a shovel into wet sand. At least -- that's how I've done it.

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