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Sixth Sense

Meet Danielle's live crew, her wicked
and wild Whiskey Roadshow Band!

Watch Danielle's video from her solo album Red Lodge!

Danielle Egnew - "Swinging At Nothing"

Danielle Egnew - Live in the Cold (Woodland, WA)

Now Available from Maurice The Fish Records

Now Available from
Maurice The Fish Records


The highly-acclaimed
solo album by
Danielle Egnew

Only $14.98
(plus shipping)

13 Tracks - CD includes 12 page
color lyric booklet

Listen to a sample!


So you only Do Digital? No Problem!

Do we have a musical buffet for you, below! Whether you want to download an entire album and start spinning immediately, or pick and choose your favorite Danielle Egnew /Pope Jane singles and create your own mix, you can preview over 85 songs from both albums and singles alike on the player below, and add them directly to your cart as you go along! Remove any song at any time before you check out. You can't go wrong!

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Ring Tone - Are You Afraid $2.99
Ring Tone - Supply $2.99
Ring Tone - I Am The Whisper $2.99
Ring Tone - Forgive Myself $2.99
Ring Tone - Shut The Hell Up $2.99
Ring Tone - Shatter $2.99
Ring Tone - Lay Down Your Life $2.99
Ring Tone - Swinging At Nothing $2.99
Ring Tone - Rockstar $2.99
Ring Tone - Special Agent Dana Scully $2.99
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