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Music News:

Watch Danielle's new video "Play Some Merle" for her single --
and Git'chyer Merle on!


Tin Star Records

Tin Star Records Danielle Egnew has started a new full-service record label, Tin Star Records, with co-CEO, Roy Pack. Based in the Rocky Mountains of Sheridan, Wyoming, this is the third label Danielle has started, pre-dated by two other functioning labels: Ave Vox Entertainment Group of Los Angeles (Danielle Egnew, owner) and Maurice the Fish Records of Tacoma, WA (Raymond Hayden and Susan Renville, owners / Danielle Egnew Silent CEO).

Tin Star Records LLC is founded on the principle that producing fantastic music is not only imperative to listeners everywhere, but mandatory for the growth of the human spirit -- a growth that positively

affects the community in which it takes place. With the belief that true artist development is a delicate balance of outstanding original talent and outstanding original production, Tin Star Reco...rds takes pride in drawing their artist roster from the untamed Rocky Mountain West, harnessing and developing a sound that is extremely unique to the area.

A joint venture co-owned by multi-award winning artist, writer, producer, and co-founder of Maurice The Fish Records, Danielle Egnew (Los Angeles, CA) and outreach community organizer / event logistics coordinator Roy Pack (Sheridan, WY), Tin Star Records is proud to have offices in both states, with upcoming state-of-the-art recording facilities nestled majestically in the wilderness in the Sheridan, Wyoming area.

Tin Star Records is proudly partnered with legendary microphone and audio company Shure, Inc, with the Tin Star Studios powered by Shure -- the only all-Shure commercial recording studio, the first of it's kind -- featuring Shure's Studio KSM series.

Join Tin Star Records on Facebook at:

Tin Star Records partners:

Shure, Inc (Chicago, IL, worldwide)
Maurice The Fish Records (Tacoma, WA / sister label)
Ave Vox Music Group (Los Angeles, CA / sister label)
Cloud Peak Initiatives (Sheridan, WY / community outreach)
Hot Momma Studios (Billings, MT / sister studio)


TV News:

Watch Danielle with the rest of her Psychic
and Investigative Teammates on the April 11th 2011 episode of
MISSING PEACE -- The Norma Lopez Case!

Book News:

"This woman is the Real Deal. Wit,
sensibility,charm and true ability. Read her book."
-- Kim Rhodes, Actress (CW's 'Supernatural')

True Tales of the Truly Weird by Danielle Egnew

Order your own paperback copy or
download your digital copy
from Kindle, Nook, iBook,
and many other eReaders!

About the book:

Truth is weirder than fiction. From Ghosts to Demons, Extraterrestrials to Kachinas, Banshees to Elementals, talking plants to people who cannibalize another’s liver, renowned Psychic / Medium and Paranormal TV, Radio and Film host Danielle Egnew (ABC, NBC, TNT, USA, LA Talk Radio) has encountered it all -- sometimes with more terror than triumph. Uncover secrets of the magnificent yet monstrous unseen world that surrounds us everyday, recounted in exquisite and disturbing detail as experienced first-hand through Danielle’s extraordinary Psychic abilities. At the heart of the chaos, take a rare and candid look into the life and psyche of one of today’s most influential Spiritual and Paranormal personalities. An engaging yet chilling memoir underscored by fascinating history, harrowing humor, and freakish facts, True Tales of the Truly Weird is a powerhouse ethereal expose on what’s really lurking beyond our comfortable realm of understanding, redefining our realiy. The question is: Are we ready for the truth?

Print News:

Danielle Egnew named
"Psychic of the Year"
by paranormal Magazine!

January 2012 Special Vol 1 Issue #3

Danielle was named "Psychic of the Year" in a ten page interview by paranormal magazine, UFO's and Supernatural (December-January special edition, Vol. 1 Issue 3) sharing a cover with renowned Physicist Stephen Hawking, Syfy's Amanda Tapping ("Sanctuary" / "Stargate"), and Hollywood Insider Tommy Garrett.

* * *

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